Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Job Roles in Cosmetic Production Industry

One of my contacts owns a small and developing cosmetic manufacturing firm. He wanted to give proper job titles for his employees. So I did some search and created a list of jobs that may be used in the cosmetic manufacturing industry. I have listed them below if someone wants to find similar information.

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Marketing Team

Marketing Manage
Marketing Executive
Marketing Trainee

Accounting Team

Chief Account
Account Assistant
Account Clerk

Sales Team

Sale Manager
Sale Executive
Sale Trainee

Research & Development Team

Director(Research and Development)
Product Development Manager
Clinical Lead

Human Resource Team

HR Manager
HR Executive
HR Trainee

Quality Management Team

Quality Manager
Quality Engineer
Quality Executive
Quality Supervisor
Quality Inspector
Quality Assurance Test Professional
Test Analyst
Clinical Lead
Laboratory Manager

Production Team

Production Manager
Manufacturing Engineer
Material Planner
Production Control Analyst
Production Team Lead
Production Line Manager
Product Operative
Packing Operative

Advertising Team

Brand Manager
Brand Ambassador
Product Manager
Social Media Manager
Social Media Executive

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