Thursday, 20 October 2011

Overview of The Human Genetics Unit (HGU)

(Published in 2011)

The Human Genetics Unit (HGU) of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo is the only centre in Sri Lanka dedicated to providing clinical genetic services including genetic testing and genetic counselling. At the moment, the record-keeping in the HGU is done manually through a paper-based system.

This system is introduced to keep all the records electronically so that the entering, retrieving and analyzing the data will be optimized with the use of Information Technology. At the moment, this is under evaluation and yet to be tested prior to the acceptance as the functioning system.

OpenMRS is used as the platform which has been extensively customized to achieve the functionality. Modules have been developed and added to the OpenMRS where customization alone is not sufficient to meet the specific requirements.

The system is a client and server-based system. There is a central application server and a data server. The clients can access the system through internet browsers through intranet or internet.
The system is developed initially by Dr M. H. B. Ariyaratne as the project for the MSc(Biomedical Informatics). Administrators can be added as needed as authorized by the Head of the HGU, and they will have to capacity to improve the system further. The source codes for the modules added are also available in the application server at the HGU.

The ownership and the authority completely lie with the Head of the HGU. The administers when appointed by the HGU, can manage the other users and the system. The other users are given the privileges to access the system in the way that they are allowed to use the system to achieve their specific tasks while preventing the access of unwanted features.

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  1. OpenMRS is an open-source, robust electronic health record (EHR) platform that is supported by a large global network and used in over forty countries