Sunday, 21 August 2011

Why OpenMRS?

(Published in 2011)

I have made up my mind to adapt an opensource software as my final MSc project. Then the question was what is the best open-source software that I can use to achieve the goals of my project. I have gone through several available options and finally, I decided to go for OpenMRS. The strategic and personal reasons that made me come to the conclusion are listed below.

OpenMRS is based on Java Enterprise Edition. I have been studying and practising JEE in the recent past and I have very good faith in its capabilities. Java Persistence API is a very useful technology and it is used in openMRS to connect to the database. MySQL, which is commonly used as the database is also very familiar to me.

Modular Based
Grater Popularity
Good Community Support
Robust data Model
Comply with health standards

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  1. Open-source medical software has been around for over 30 years. Unless you are in healthcare IT, however, chances are you've never even heard of it. But that's poised to change.